Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We are just about ready to move into the new church building! The other day, we went and got the pews all buffed up and ready to be put in the new sanctuary. I'm not sure when we are going to set them up. We were going to set them up two nights ago, but the carpet guy was not finished laying the carpet. So we made plans to do it last night, but found out that the glue under the carpet needed to sit for 24 hours! :( I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN WAIT ANY LONGER!!!! Sunday will be our first service. Bro. Polk will be preaching for us. We are all sooooo exited about their arrival tonight! Some other friends of ours will be coming on Friday.

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  1. Hey Joseph! I found your blog! :) That is so cool you started one, because there are so few Christian guys I know of in the blogosphere! And we can keep more up to date with your family now that the Martins have finally gotten on the ball and started blogs! ;) lol!

    I think I can help you with the problem of your blog link not coming up on your profile. Under your dashboard to the right of your photo click "Edit Profile" and click the link "Select Blogs to Display." Make sure the box beside your blog title is checked, because I'm thinking that's probably the reason it's not showing up. (Well it's a handy feature if you want to keep your blog undercover, but...:)

    Pray y'all have great services in your new building! God Bless!


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